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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Where are you located?

    We are located on #13 Joe Farrington Road, Nassau Bahamas. Our building is adjacent to the Church of God Auditorium.

  2. What Degree Programs do you offer?

    We offer Associate Degrees in Accounting, Banking, Business Administration and Economics. And Bachelor Degrees in Business Administration and Accounting.

  3. Do you have a GED Program?

    No, we do not have a GED Program but, we do have a College Preparatory Program where students can obtain a High School Diploma.

  4. How long is the College Preparatory Program?

    The college prep program varies per students. For the average prep student: must complete 2 semesters of five (5) subjects (inclusive of English and Math) and addition semester for the Diploma. Students can be exempted from course if they received C grades and above at the BGCSE level.

  5. How much are the College Preparatory classes?

    College preparatory classes are $190 per course, however we offer a bundle rate of $770 if students register for the 5 subjects.

  6. How much are the associate level courses?

    Associate Level courses are $270.00 per course

  7. How much are Bachelor level courses?

    Bachelor level courses are $390.00 per course

  8. What do I need to bring in to successfully apply?

    - Passport, Passport Sized Photo, NIB, Application + $50/$100, 3 References, Transcripts, National Exam Results.

  9. Do you offer payment plans?

    Yes. Each Payment plan varies on the student. We do weekly, biweekly and monthly plans after an agreement has been signed along with an initial deposit on courses.

  10. How many Semesters do you have?

    We offer five (5) semesters per year Winter, Spring, Summer I, Summer II and Fall.

  11. Do you have scholarships available?

    Yes we do have a number of scholarship opportunities available to students and we can assist with getting financial assistance. Students can arrange to meet with our Executive Vice President to further discuss.

  12. Are you accredited?

    Yes, we are registered and programs recognized by The National Accreditation and Equivalency Council of The Bahamas (NAECOB).

  13. Can my College Preparatory Classes be used as BJC/BGCSES?

    No, College Prep classes are the college entry requirements for students that do not have national exam results with C and above. They hold no credit value and cannot be evaluated.

  14. Can my credits be transferred to Galilee College?

    Yes they can, once you received a C grade and above from a recognized intuition and the course outlines are the same, classes can be transferred.

  15. Do you offer Day classes?

    We offer Evening classes during the week day and all day classes on the weekends.

  16. How long are the degree programs?

    Degree program lengths vary per student. However the average time is 18 months – 2 years.

  17. I want to enroll as a full time student.

    Students are considered full time once registered for 3 or more students.

  18. How many classes am I allowed to register for per semester?

    Students can sign up for up to 4 classes without any issues however, students that work for government are allowed to take a maximum of 3 classes per semester.

  19. I use to attend Galilee College many years ago and I want to come back.

    You would be required to “Reregister” which means you would have to fill out a new application form to update our records and pay a fee of $50.00.

  20. Do you offer online classes?

    Due to Covid 19 all of our classes are online until further notice.

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