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Academic Excellence

Active Learning

Galilee College has been training students to become professionals who are poised to soar with excellence. Galilee College shares partnerships with leading tertiary institutions in the Caribbean, Canada and the United States for the seamless transfer of credits and opportunities to Study Abroad.


Program Offerings

Develop. Grow. Succeed.

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College Preparatory

The College Preparatory Program is designed for students who do not meet the minimum BGCSE requirement to enroll in a degree granting program.  This program is comprised of courses offered at the BGCSE and pre-college level for students who have not obtained at least 5 BGCSE passes with at least a “c” grade.


Associate of Arts Degrees

Galilee College offers the following Associate Degree programs:
Business Administration

College Library

Bachelor Degrees

Galilee College offers the following Bachelor Degree programs:

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration


Graduate Degrees

Galilee College is affiliated with international institutions that offer Graduate Degree programs in a wide variety of disciplines.

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