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About GC

Who are we?

Galilee College is located on the eastern tip of the lovely picturesque settlement of New Providence, which is a short eight miles of Nassau, the capital of The Bahamas. Nassau is the tourist Mecca of the Atlantic. Its rich spiritual scope and the hospitable inhabitants give rise to a conducive environment for personal growth. The campus is situated on Joe Farrington Road, in the Galilee Corporate Centre.



The College of Choice

Female College Students

Galilee College seeks to be a college of choice through providing a high standard of learning which will cause a revolution of students who would achieve their desire in a timely, professional and environmentally conducive atmosphere.


Our mission is guided by our ethical endeavor to provide quality education. Our programs are designed to develop our students to reach their fullest potential despite diversities and challenges embodied that are individualistic. Our approach is to expand our offerings through research and development and commit to a level of achievement that impacts the local and global communities. This will enhance the possibilities for a brighter tomorrow.



Galilee College is a private institute designed to provide quality instruction to worthy students in business, academic and Bible fields that are considered vital and timely in today's economic market place.  The levels of learning are work oriented and devoted to work entry as quickly as possible.  Galilee College offers opportunities through an 'open door' admissions policy, that does not restrict education to the financially, socially, or intellectually elite.


Where Students Come First

Galilee College values learning.  In this way, we promote and maintain a current and substantive program that enhances and encourages total access to the educational process.  We value professional development, lifelong learning, institutional effectiveness, leadership and skill practice and offer a service that is inclusive of inputs from both the private and public sectors.

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